Federation Disability Advisory Committee

What does the Disability Advisory Committee do?

The purpose of the Federation Disability Advisory Committee is to provide Council with advice on inclusion, access and equality, along with issues and barriers facing people with disability and assist Council on the implementation of the Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2021.

What is the role of the Disability Advisory Committee?

The  Federation Disability Advisory Committee members are in general expected to:

  • Attend and participate in meetings for the committee (attendance can be in person or via a communication platform such as phone or video conferencing.)
  • Take an active role in communicating the views of residents and organisations in relation to disability, to Council.
  • Provide feedback to Council via the Councillor assigned to the committee.
  • Keep the committee informed of current and emerging developments, and issues and activities relevant to the committee.
  • Respond to requests for input into and/or feedback on Council strategies, projects and programs.
  • Contribute expertise and knowledge on the implementation of Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2021.
  • Assist Council to deliver an event or activity attached to International Day of People with Disability.

When does the Disability Advisory Committee meet?

Members can join face to face or via video conferencing.

Who are members of this committee? 

Community Representatives of the 2020/2021 Disability Advisory Committee are:

  • Amber Murphy
  • Christine Poidevin
  • Julianne Whyte
  • Lisa Adkins
  • Maree McFarlane
  • Melinda Elith

Councillor Representatives are:

  • Councillor David Longley and
  • Councillor Bronwyn Thomas. 

Current Membership Vacancies 

The committee currently has three vacant community representative positions.

Download the Federation Disability Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, Position Description (Pdf and Word Accessible), and complete either the Nomination Form (Word accessible) or the online Nomination Form from this page.

If you would like to join or discuss a matter with the Disability Advisory Committee, please contact Council. 

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