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Drought Feed Calculator

A mobile app to help farmers make decisions and save money by determining the minimum feed requirements for different livestock, and compare the value of different feeds or a mixed ration.

The app covers 71 different feeds and calculates the amount of feed needed per head, the cost per head, the cost for a period, the amount of feed needed for a mob/ herd and the total cost for a mob/herd.

Free to download from the IOS App Store or Android Google Play – ‘Drought Feed Calculator.’

Drought Hub

For more information on services and support available to primary producers, their families and communities to prepare and manage drought conditions and for NSW drought resources visit the Drought Hub.

For more information visit the Drought Hub  

Farm Tracker Tool

The Department of Primary Industries Farm Tracker tool is an important part of the Enhanced Drought Information System, an ongoing program of work to improve the State’s drought monitoring.

Farm Tracker is a tool you can use to record seasonal conditions. You can:

  • Complete a simple crop, pasture or animal survey.
  • Keep and manage a photo diary of your farm.
  • Monitor the same paddock over many years.

Farm Tracker takes the hassle out of record keeping. Simply complete the questions that are most relevant and leave the rest blank. Reports can be completed in a matter of minutes and they are synchronised with your personal database as well as the state wide database as soon as you are in mobile or WI-FI range.

For more information on the Farm Tracker Tool

Local Land Services

Local Land Services staff provide farmers with on the ground support and advice on animal nutrition, pasture management and livestock health.

Local Land Services are also running drought information sessions across NSW and can connect farmers with other specialists.

For more information specific to the Murray Region visit Local Land Services

Rural Assistance Authority

The Rural Assistance Authority administers a wide range of assistance measures to the rural sector. These assistance measures are both Commonwealth and state funded. Whilst the rural sector is its core client, the Authority is also responsible for small businesses that have suffered loss or damage due to natural disaster.

For more information visit Rural Advisory Authority

Contact direct on P: 02 6391 3000 or P: 1800 678 593 (toll free) or email