Insurance Good Practice & Legal Obligations


It is important for event organisers to understand their obligations in all aspects this includes their legal obligations, who will be held liable in the case of something going wrong and some community perceptions and experiences to consider. 

  • All event organisers must ensure they have current public liability insurance for their event, even if the event isn't being held on Council land.
  • As part of good practice Event organisers need to ensure their event is as inclusive and accessible as possible for all event attendees, ages and ability. 
  • In the planning of any event, it is important to consider the legal issues that you might encounter. We have supplied a list of issues that may, or may not, apply to your event.  If you are unclear on any of these points, or have other legal issues you feel may be relevant to your event, it may be worthwhile to seek professional legal advice.   
  • Depending on your event it also may be appropriate to have an Aborigine elder conduct a Welcome to Country at your event - in the Federation Council, this is the Bpangerang people - to open your event.  
  • Sustainability - Consider ways in which you can reduce negative environmental impact.

The e-book below has listed aspects of your event you may need to consider. We encourage all event organisers to read this. 

If you have any questions please contacts Federation Council’s Event staff.