Stakeholders Security & Contractors


There are many Stakeholder’s involved in the organisation and completion of events. It is important to identify all stakeholders prior to the event and the rolls in which each stakeholder maintains. 

For example customers, participants, performers, venues, volunteers, local businesses, local council, police, ambulance service, the local community, funding body, sponsors, media, etc are regularly stakeholders in all events. 

It is important to note that while Contractors are independent, as an Event Organiser it is your responsibility for the overall safety for anyone on the event site and therefore contractors will need to ensure they are working within the requirements and safety measures of the event site. 

Run sheets specific to the bump in (set up), event sequence (what is happening throughout the event) and bump out (pack down) be created with appropriate timings, be shared with all people that will be on the event site during these times. 

We have supplied a list of event aspects to consider, when you may need security and a range of templates you can use below.