Planning for an Event

What is an Event?

An event is any organised activity held in a public space such as a green field, facility, venue, street or road that is to be used by more people than are usually found in that location.

Council Owned or Managed Land

If you want to stage an event at a location owned or managed by Federation Council such as a sports ground, park recreation area or if your event involves changes to a road or street then you may need approval from the Council before the event can go ahead.

Council requires event organisers to have a Public Liability policy with a minimum indemnity of $20 million. If the event is held on land owned or managed by Council, the policy must be endorsed to note the Federation Council as interested party in respect to this event.

Please contact Council on (02) 6033 8999 to discuss your event needs.  

Private Land

If you want to stage an event on private land you do not need to submit an event application to Council.

However, you may need to seek approval and apply for permits from the Federation Council or other authorities in regards to food safety regulations, service of alcohol, amusement devices, public health requirements, and building permits.

You should contact the Federation Council’s event team on 02 6033 8999 to discuss your proposal and receive advice.

Event Application Process

Events held on Council owned or managed land requires Event Organisers must submit an Event Application to Council for approval.

Event Organisers are encouraged to make use of the guidelines when preparing their application to Council. This will ensure that all areas are addressed and will assist with the overall event planning process.

An application must be submitted to Council no less than four months prior to your event along with a completed risk assessment. The Events and Festival Application Form and Risk Assessment Template are available at the bottom of this page to download.

Covid Safety Plan 

Given our current social climate, it is of utmost importance to head to NSW Government website to ensure there is a covid safety plan available and relevant to the type of event you are wanting to host within Federation Council. This now forms part of the event application process until further notice.

Please contact Council on (02) 6033 8999 if you need further assistance.   

Why do I need to apply get event approval to stage an event?

As the event organiser it is your responsibility to ensure that your event is safe for participants, staff and contractors. It is critical that your event complies with the legal requirements necessary. This includes permits and relevant legislation. 

Federation Council is here to help!

Planning an event is a big task and can often be an overwhelming experience, whether you are a first time event organiser or coordinate events for a living, Council can guide you.

Council has developed the Events and Festival Guidelines to help you plan a safe and successful event. You can access this resource at the bottom of the page. 

How else can Council help?

  • An Event Management Plan template is available to give you the opportunity to document all aspects of your event. This should be used in conjunction with the Events and Festival Guidelines.
  • Access to an events database which centrally registers future events scheduled in the Federation Council area. This can be helpful, particularly when planning event dates.
  • Provide guidance on suitable venues/locations and guidance with booking Federation Council facilities.
  • Provide assistance with approvals if your event requires traffic management for Federation Council and State roads.
  • Advice about food safety regulations, amusement devices and service of alcohol requirements.
  • Provide assistance with major grant applications for event funding.

Federation Council can also provide additional support to your event on a cost recovery basis. This includes things such as additional rubbish collection, providing equipment and resources and street sweeping.

Once your event application has been completed, please return to Federation Council’s Community Development Team.


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