Family and Friend Support Programs

Alcohol and drug use not only affects people using the alcohol or drugs, but it also has an adverse impact on their family, friends, and their community.

Family and peer support networks are critical to a persons' recovery from alcohol/drug use, but too often, relationships become strained and users become isolated from their families, friends and social networks due to the problems arising from their alcohol or drug use.

Families and friends can play a critical role in the recovery of people using alcohol and other drugs. However, there is little support for families in this situation.

The Family and Friend Support Program is an online intervention and support package for families/friends supporting loved ones using alcohol/drugs. It includes information on how families and friends can best help their loved ones and protect them from adverse impacts of their lifestyle of drinking alcohol or using drugs. The Family and Friend Support Program recognises that supporting someone who is drinking or using can be extremely stressful, and aims to assist families and friends to best manage the demands of this role.

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