Federation Youth Council Bios

Youth Mayor, Cr Dylan Forge

Dylan Forge is 15-year-old student who attends school at The Scots School Albury, after receiving an academic scholarship in early 2017. He comes from a large football and farming family. He is passionate about connecting youth throughout our council and dealing with issues that are concerns to all current youth. Dylan’s other hobbies and passions include playing his bagpipes, footy, cricket, farming and reading. He has engaged in many other community based activities like Corowa Leos, Student Representative Council (SRC), community garden, Lions public speaking and volunteering at St Mary’s Catholic Church. Dylan joined the Federation Youth Council to help gain a better platform to voice his opinion on issues facing youth. He is very proud of his position as Youth Mayor and is striving to do all to benefit his peers.

Deputy Youth Mayor, Max Blockley

Maxim Blockley is a 15-year-old student that attends Corowa High School, which he is apart of the Student Representative Council and the Executive Committee as well. Maxim has a passion for technology and spends his past time playing video games, due to this Maxim hopes to get a career within Cyber Security. Maxim also maintains 3 different jobs as he works at the Corowa Bakery, Physiofix and at Lazy Sam's Restaurant. He joined the Federation Youth Council to make changes within our society that impact on youth and the effect of youth in the future.

Youth Councillor Molly Pearce

Molly Pearce is a senior at Corowa High School. After school she hopes to study Library Sciences or History. She decided to join the Youth Council in order to positively contribute to the local community and make sure that young people had a say.

Youth Councillor Jacob Read

Jacob Read is a 17 year old student at Corowa High School. He is in the Student Representative Council (SRC) and is interested in most mathematical type subjects. He loves all types of sport, and plays hockey for Corowa Rutherglen United. Jacob is not sure what he wants to do when he leaves school, but joined the Youth Council to gain precious employment skills and also help give the youth a voice within the community.

Youth Councillor Ellen Lavis

Ellen Lavis is a 17 year old student who is currently doing year 11 and 12 at Corowa High School. In recent years Ellen was selected to be a 2018 Clubs NSW Anzac Ambassador and travelled through various Countries learning about World War I and sparking her love for Modern History. She is passionate about connecting with youth and having a voice within our community. Ellen has also been a member of the Corowa Border Brass Band/Sanger Street Band for the past 6 years, singing and playing the trumpet. Ellen decided to join the Federation Youth Council in hopes of bringing a positive change to the many issues youth face. 

Youth Councillor Olivia Hughes

Olivia Hughes is a senior student at Corowa High School and is on the Student Representative Council (SRC). With her enthusiasm for maths, she hopes to further her studies in engineering or find a career path in the Royal Australian Navy. Olivia enjoys playing netball and is a competitive rower, reaching state level multiple times. She joined the Federation Youth Council to collaborate with other passionate youth and make changes that will bring youth closer together.

Youth Councillor Noah Little

Noah Little is the Associate Pastor for Youth at Corowa Baptist Church. He has held this role since early 2017. He is passionate about young people, working for change, good coffee and mountain biking. On Thursdays, you will find Noah at Corowa High School where he runs a lunchtime group for SRE students. He also coordinates Fortify Youth, the Combined Churches Youth Group in Corowa. Noah joined the Federation Youth Council to better understand the issues facing youth in Corowa.

Youth Councillor Tyler Martin

Tyler is aged 18 and he attends Corowa High School. He is a second degree Muay Thai instructor and student. Tyler decided to join Federation Youth Council because he wanted to make sure that youth had more of an impact in our council area.

Youth Councillor Caitlin Moir

Caitlin is a 16-year-old currently attending Corowa High School. She has the hopes of becoming a mechanic panel beater in the future. Caitlin is a self-proclaimed “Rev Head” who loves everything about fast cars. She absolutely loves music and performing. Caitlin decided to join the Federation Youth Council as she has a passion for the youth of today and the youth of the future.