Purtle Park Mulwala, Integrated Development Application 2020/56


Proposal:                           Mooring Inlet and Park Redevelopment

Property:                           Lot 7005, DP 1023485 and Lot 1, DP 9148080, Purtle Park, Melbourne Street, MULWALA NSW  2646

Applicant:                          Federation Council

Consent Authority:         Federation Council

Approval Body:                NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment (Primary Industries)

Federation Council being the consent authority has received an Integrated Development Application in accordance with Section 2.22 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The application is on public exhibition from 29 April 2020 to 29 May 2020 inclusive.

Any person may inspect this application and accompanying documentation from this page until 29 May 2020:

Any person interested in making a submission should do so in writing addressed to the General Manager, Federation Council, PO Box 77, Corowa NSW 2646 or email to council@federationcouncil.nsw.gov.au.

Submissions will be received up to 5:00pm on 29 May 2020. Where a submission is by way of an objection, the grounds of the objections are required to be specified in the submission. 

The applications is also deemed to be integrated development under Fisheries Management Act 1994

Unless the proposed development is development about which the Independent Planning Commission has conducted a public hearing, any person who makes a submission by way of objection and is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority to grant development consent may appeal to the Land and Environment Court.
If the Independent Planning Commission conducts a public hearing, the Commissions determination of the application id final and not subject to appeal.

If you require further information please contact Council’s planning section on 02 6033 8999.