11 Lot Community Title Subdivision & 5 Jetties

Development Application 2019/140

29 - 39 Corowa Road, Mulwala, NSW 2647 & 57 Lang Street, Mulwala, NSW, 2647 

The application seeks approval for:

  • Demolition of remaining accommodation buildings and associated buildings and structures;
  • Community title subdivision of land into 11 lots; including 10 lots and an association property; and
  • Construction of five (5) small jetties.

Any person interested in making a submission should do so in writing addressed to the General Manager, Federation Council, PO Box 77, Corowa NSW 2646 or email to council@federationcouncil.nsw.gov.au.

Where a submission is by way of an objection, the grounds of the objections are required to be specified in the submission.

If you require further information please contact Council on 02 6033 8999.