Hawkins Street Howlong - Disabled Parking

Council is proposing to relocate the disabled parking in Hawkins Street, Howlong from outside the Hume Bank to outside the IGA supermarket.
The current disabled parking bay is non-compliant as it poses safety issues especially for residents and visitors in wheelchairs or wheelie walkers as they are required to manoeuvre onto the road in order to access the kerb blister to get to the footpath. 
Features of this proposed relocation are:
• Install a 45 degree angle parking disabled parking space in front of IGA.
• Relocate existing bench seat to the front of the bakery.
• Install a pram / kerb ramp where existing bench seat is currently located.
• Line-mark a disabled parking space (including bollard) to the immediate western side of the disabled parking space to allow safe access to / from vehicle.
• Black out the old parallel disabled parking line-marking .
Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on this proposal by 5pm Friday 28 February, 2020. 
Further information is available for viewing below or at any Council office.
Anyone interested in providing feedback should do so in writing, addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 77, Corowa NSW 2646 or email to council@federationcouncil.nsw.gov.au