Oaklands RV Park

Family and RV camper van

Construction of an RV Park in the main street of Oaklands will encourage visitation to the town. 

The project has included;

  • major earth works with the carting of some 450 tons of road base for the preparation works.
  • the preparation for a curb plinth with five parking bays for the RV vehicles.
  • a gravel pathway leading from the park through to the swimming pool.
  • application of a 14 mm / 7mm bitumen seal over the area of excavated works and line marking.

This project is now complete.

Find out more about this project here(PDF, 3MB)

Oaklands-RV-1-1-gen.jpg Oaklands-RV-1-2-gen.jpg Oaklands-RV-1-gen.jpg

Oaklands-RV-Park-1-gen.jpg Oaklands-RV-Park-gen.jpg