Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee & Working Group


The Federation Arts & Cultural Advisory Committee provide Council with strategic advice and informed feedback about arts and cultural development in the Federation Council area.

2019/2020 Members:

  • Heather Kerr
  • Keith Barber
  • Marj Saines
  • David Fahey
  • Aaron Nicholls

Council delegate Councillor Gail Law.

The Federation Arts and Cultural Working Group is a sub-committee of the Federation Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee. This is open to all community members, who wish to be involved based around their interest in a project.

If you would like to join or discuss a matter with the Federation Arts Committee or the Federation Arts and Cultural Working Group, please contact Council.

Arts & Cultural Survey

In conjunction with the Federation Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee, Federation Council invites everyone who lives, works and connects with arts and culture in the Federation Council area to complete it's survey.

The information will be used to inform the development of an Arts and Cultural Strategy for the Federation Council area.

The survey will take around five minutes of your time, and your answers will be completely anonymous. 

The survey will close Thursday 30 April 2020.

Complete the survey now