General Rates Estimator 2024/2025

Your rates help Council maintain our beautiful region and provide income to run essential community services and infrastructure. They can be paid annually or quarterly.

You can estimate your rates using the below General Rates Estimator 2024/2025. 

Information you need

To calculate an estimate of your rates for the coming 2024/2025 rating year you will need:

  1. Your land category - residential, business or farmland. 

  2. Your new land value - this was mailed to you by the NSW Valuer General from March 2023.

Your rates notice will also show other charges, for example, your waste charges and sewer charges. These are additional charges on top of your rates estimator. 

Access your land value

You can access your land values online on the NSW Valuer General's website.

How to use the calculator

To use the Calculator:

  1. Select your land category - residential, business or farmland. 

  2. Insert the new land value from the Valuer General Notice of Valuation (2023/2024).

Council has developed four options to consider in applying the general rates that it needs to collect to deliver services. This takes on board community feedback from 2023/24 on the impact of general rate increases on pensioners and the ongoing cost of living pressures. A final determination on a preferred option will be made at the June 2024 Council meeting. Council is seeking feedback prior to determining a preferred option. The various options are also intended to mitigate capacity to pay concerns, and address key recomendations from the Independent Review into The Advantages and Disadvantages of Amalgamation and Federation Council's Financial Sustainability Journey Report.

Below is an example of a standard rates notice, highlighted in red shows the land valuation, which is needed to use the estimator, please reference this value on your rates notice.



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