EOI to adopt the CommUNITY Piano

Published on 07 December 2018


The Stage 5 Studio to Street Art class at Corowa High School have been collaborating with the Federation Youth Council to decorate a piano for the CommUNITY Piano Project. Federation Youth Councillors Olivia Hughes and Tyler Martin visited the group on Tuesday to check the progress of the project and were very impressed with how it is looking.

The students have worked with indigenous artist, Iris Troughton, with assistance from Sophia Brear and Corowa High School Art Teacher Michelle Stewart to create and execute the design with the piano expected to be finished before the end of term. When completed, the piano will be placed in a community area and people passing by will be encouraged to play.

The piano is an original Beale Piano, made from local timbers and was made to suit the changeable Australian Climate. It has an all-iron tuning system which means it can continue to be tuned for many years to come. The CommUNITY piano when delivered will be tuned to concert pitch by the very talented Ian from Haynes Pianos in Albury.

Concerned with the issue of inclusion and acceptance of young people, the Federation Youth Council hope this is the catalyst for people to see each other, sit down and create music, make conversation, come together without any prejudice and hopefully create new friendships.  The CommUNITY Piano is about building community and connecting all people to arts and culture in a unique and sustainable way.  It is about refurbishing and creating something new that changes the dynamics of a space.

The street piano is not unique to the Federation Council. Since 2008, play Me, I’m yours pianos have been installed in more than 50 cities and reached more than 10 million people globally. See tour highlights from around the world

Ideally, the Federation Youth Council would like a business owner / operators to become a ‘Piano Partner’ and support the project by covering the piano at the end of the day or wheeling it inside their business from the outside elements. Alternatively, a whole town can adopt the piano where it could be moved from one business to another over the summer period.

If you would like to become a Piano Partner or wish to discuss the CommUNITY Piano project further, please contact, Amber Harvey, Community Development Team Leader, on 02 6033 8974 or email amber.harvey@federationcouncil.nsw.gov.au.

Once situated in the community the Federation Youth Council invites local residents and visitors to the area to tinkle the ivories and unleash their inner musician on the CommUNITY Piano.

Image of group includes: Youth Council Deputy Mayor Olivia Hughes, Kaylie Martin, Sarah Knight, Victoria Borg, Ella Harvie, Chloe Hayes, Laura Duncan, Taelah Willett, Skye Sephton-Howard, and Youth Councillor Tyler Martin. Front Iris Troughton, and Sophia Brear.

Community-Piano-Side-with-snake-gen.jpg Piano-Progress-Hands-Close-Up-4-gen.jpg