Federation Planning for the Future - Land rezoning EOI

Published on 06 January 2020


Council is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) from property owners and or developers seeking to undertake residential or commercial development on land where it is currently not permitted under current zoning rules.

Federation Council Mayor, Cr Patrick Bourke said Council is preparing a new planning framework to guide the growth and development of Federation over the next 25 years and it is important that the community is involved with creating a clear, consistent planning framework that will guide future land use in our area.

“We invite everyone in the community who maybe considering the development of land to share their vision for the future and provide feedback on how they would like to see land used in the local area. This could be the development of existing rural land, or the upzoning of urban land for more intensive development.”

“EOI submissions are being invited until Friday 7 February 2020 at 4:30pm and should include information about access and location, servicing, affordability, community or economic benefit, avoid land use conflict and natural hazards. Owners consent is required as part of the submission and further details including how to lodge an EOI is available further below.”

“Your participation is key to ensuring the new plans reflect the communities views and represent a shared vision for the future of Federation,” said Mayor, Cr Patrick Bourke.

The outcome of the Planning for the Future project will be a clear and consistent planning framework that will guide the way land use is managed across the Federation Council local government area and create further opportunities for the sustainable growth of the region.

To do this, Council will prepare three key documents:

  • Federation Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).
  • Federation Local Environmental Plan (LEP).
  • Federation Development Control Plan (DCP). 

All EOI requests must address the criteria below:



Access and location

Good access to existing towns and settlements without the need for significant road upgrades.

Preferably already adjoining existing urban zoned land (residential or commercial).

Fragmented or isolated development sites will generally not be considered.


Demonstrate cost effective development servicing can be achieved (sewer, water, stormwater).

Affordability, community or economic benefit

Provide new homes particularly for low income earners or the elderly, or provide new jobs or bring new industries and tourism opportunities to Federation.

Avoiding land use conflict and natural hazards

Proposals should make sure that there are appropriate buffers to nearby industries, agriculture, sewerage treatment plants and waste facilities.

Avoiding flood prone land and protecting existing environmental features such as waterways and biodiversity.


EOI Submissions are being invited until Friday 7 February 2020 at 4:30pm.

The EOI process is being managed by GHD as Council’s consultants preparing the new planning framework.

Should you like further information please contact the GHD project team.

Phone: 1800 810 680 (free call)

Email: community.input@ghd.com

Address: PO Box 77, Corowa NSW 2646

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