Federation Youth Council CommUNITY Piano Project

Published on 22 October 2018


The Federation Youth Council’s the CommUNITY Piano Project is set to achieve an outstanding result for Federation Council communities.

A CommUNITY Piano is a piano placed in the street which people passing by are encouraged to play. The concept originated quite by accident in Sheffield, England and is a world-wide phenomenon that the Federation Youth Council feel the area should be a part of. Street pianos are great not just for the music they bring, but are a powerful economic force, and act as a magnet for tourism. Even more important, they help educate and inspire, create a sense of shared ownership and responsibility, and stimulate creativity.

Concerned with the issue of inclusion and acceptance of young people, the Federation Youth Council hope this is the catalyst for people to see each other, make conversation and come together without any prejudice.

The CommUNITY Piano Project involves the Federation Youth Council working with a local artist, school and community group to turn them into public art pieces.

The Youth Council currently have one upright piano on casters and once completed, it will tuned and then secured to its chosen location as a public art project aimed at creating a place for exchange and an opportunity for people to connect.

Federation Council will transport the finished piano to its permanent location and the piano will remain the property of the Federation Council. Federation Youth Council will be working closely with Council to ensure the piano is compliant to footpath regulations and the piano is covered under Council’s public liability insurance.

The piano will be ready for public display in December /January and will be on a four month trial to gauge the impact it has on each community.

The long term aim is to have pianos installed in public places across the Council area, located on streets, in public parks, outside cafes and local community meeting areas encouraging passers-by to come together and play or listen to the pianos.

The Federation Youth Council would like to invite business owner/s to become ‘Piano Partners’ and support the project by adopting the piano, covering it at the end of the day or wheeling it inside their premises from the outside elements.

The CommUNITY Piano Project is funded through the Youth Opportunities Program 2018.

If you would like to become a Piano Partner or wish to discuss the CommUNITY Piano project further, please contact, Amber Harvey, Community Development Team Leader, on (02) 6033 8974 or email amber.harvey@federationcouncil.nsw.gov.au.