Howlong water supply disruption

Published on 24 January 2019


Federation Council wishes to remind residents that water main valve replacement works are occurring throughout the township of Howlong, and will be ongoing throughout the summer season. The works will disrupt water supply during this time.

The work will be staged over a number of months and affected residents will be advised via letter at a minimum 48 hours prior to the disruption. Water supply will be unavailable for approximately 6 hours. 

Residents are encouraged to ensure they have enough water stocks on hand for drinking, cleaning, flushing toilets etc during the disruption period. 

Following reconnection, directly affected residents and surrounding residents in nearby streets may experience discolured water.

If you experience this, you are advised to let outdoor taps run outside, and then repeat this process inside your residence until the water clears.

For any specific concerns in relation to this disruption, please contact Council.