Road Safety focus on Child Restraints

Published on 25 May 2022


When it comes to Road Safety issues in Federation Council, our campaigns have historically centred on Speed, Fatigue, Distraction and Alcohol. With good reason, as the four leading contributing factors to crashes in our community, too many lives have been taken, families and communities suffering enormous loss due to these factors.

However, four years ago, Restraints as a contributing factor to road trauma overtook Alcohol. It’s one of the simplest road safety initiatives that we can control - the choice to wear a correctly fitted restraint. This includes the decision to wear an approved helmet if you’re a motorcycle rider and of course to use a correctly fitted child seat for our most vulnerable passengers, our children.

Between January 2016 and December 2020, there were 105 casualties in 80 crashes on Federation Council roads, of which 10 casualties (9.5%) were not wearing a correctly fitted restraint. This is above both the South Region average (3.3%) and the State average (2.8%).

“In many of these incidents, the initial cause of the crash was from speed, alcohol, distraction and/or fatigue. The non-wearing of a restraint contributed toward the casualty”, said Federation Council Mayor, Cr Pat Bourke.

“We encourage families to take a holiday or catch up with friends and family this upcoming Queen’s Birthday long weekend or during the June-July School Holidays. As well as being aware of your speed, alcohol intake, ensuring your phone is switched off and level of fatigue, please make sure that your seat belt is clipped. If you have a family, please ensure that your child seats are correctly fitted. That one simple safe act on your part, might just save your life or that of a loved one”, Mayor Bourke said.

Our children are especially vulnerable in a crash if they are not in an approved and correctly fitted child restraint that is appropriate to their age and size. Worryingly, our restraint checkers from a similar day held in 2021, found that the majority of the 26 seats they checked had not been fitted correctly, quite possibly due to child restraints being purchased over the internet as opposed to from accredited suppliers. An incorrectly fitted restraint drastically reduces the chances of the occupant surviving a crash.

To help parents and carers ensure their little ones are safe, Federation Council has organised a free child restraint fitting day for Tuesday 7 June, 2022 in Corowa and Rand. To book in, complete the online form available from Council’s website.

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