Speed Zones

Speed is the biggest single danger on NSW roads. About 29% of serious injury and fatality (FSI) crashes in Federation Council each year involve speed.

Federation Council towns have a range of speed limits that include School zones and High Pedestrian Activity Areas. Please ensure you always adjust your speed, obey the limit and drive to conditions.

Speed limit signs are always a black number inside a red circle. The 50km/h default limit applies to all urban roads without a speed sign. Reduced speed limits still apply at school zones, road works, and other special areas.

40km/h zones

The 40km/h urban limit is part of a nationwide strategy to improve safety in high pedestrian activity areas. These areas include several CBD zones and small suburban shopping strips. The 40km/h limits are marked by signs showing local traffic zones and road work zones.

Signs and pavement markings showing the start of 40km/h pedestrian areas include:

  • standard 40km/h speed signs
  • high pedestrian activity area signs
  • 40km/h pavement numerals (roads with painted speed limit numbers).

50km/h zones

50km/h speed limits apply to all built-up areas across NSW, unless other lower limits apply. Built-up areas can have any of the following:

  • Buildings on the land next to the road
  • Streetlights along the road with a spacing of 100 metres or less for a total length of at least 500 metres
  • Streetlights along the whole length of the road if it is shorter than 500 metres. 

You can read more about safe speed limits, safer stopping limits and speed zones at the Centre for Road Safety website.

Portable Speed Board

Federation Council’s solar powered portable speed boards are continuously out and about at locations throughout the Council area.

These boards provide real-time feedback to motorists of their vehicle speed and a reminder of the appropriate speed for the road they are travelling on.

Speed is the biggest contributing factor to serious injury and fatality crashes on New South Wales roads with 29% of injury and fatality crashes in the Federation Council area involving speed.

The current schedule for the Speed Board is available for download from this page. Please note that this schedule is indicative and subject to change.

Federation Council is inviting residents to nominate a street location that they would like to see the portable speed board located by completing the form below.

Click here to view form.