Firewood Collection

You must contact Council prior to undertaking any collecting of fallen timber from the roadside.

Standing timber such as dead trees provide important hollows for nesting sites and are not permitted to be removed from any roadside within the Federation Council. Fallen timber is permitted to be removed from low conservation roadsides, with approval. People residing in the Federation Council area must contact Council before collecting fire wood from the roadside, to ensure they have approval.

Removal of firewood is permitted on low conservation roadsides or those areas not marked as being of high or medium value. Firewood collection from high and medium conservation roadsides is no longer permitted. These areas are marked on the map which can be downloaded(PDF, 493KB) from this page. Anyone discovered removing firewood without approval is subject to legal action. 

Degradation to roadside vegetation that occurs with removal or large quantities of timber for firewood has the potential to decimate natural ecosystems and communities that may never be recovered.  

Road reserves in the Federation Council area support threatened species such as the Grey Crowned Babler, Apostle Bird, Superb Parrot and gliders. Reptiles, small mammals and the regeneration of native plant species can be found on some roadsides.

Please respect the importance of roadside vegetation in supporting an amazing diversity of native plants and animals by not collecting firewood from these areas.