Firewood Collection


Residents in the Federation Council area can apply to obtain a permit to collect firewood from road reserves for home heating during winter.

Firewood collection is limited to 1 April – 30 September each year and to road reserves identified on the Conservation Maps. Refer to the maps below for more information.

To apply for a permit, residents must complete the application form and show proof that they reside in the Federation Council area (i.e. drivers licence). Applicants must certify on the application that they will abide by the permit conditions and acknowledge that Council is not liable for any injuries to person, or any loss or damage to property arising from the firewood collection activities.

Approved permit holders must take care and follow safety precautions outlined in their permit at all times.

Applications received from outside the Federation Council area will not be considered. 

Residents will need to apply for a permit each firewood season (each year).

The permit application fee for 2023-2024 is $39.00.

Find out more information about firewood collection in this section of the website.



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