Public Forum

Public Forum

Members of the public have the opportunity to address the Council prior to Ordinary and Extraordinary Council meetings. The forum allows for verbal submissions/presentations from community members on items of business to be considered at the meeting. Conditions are outlined in Council's Code of Meeting Practice.

As resolved at Council's November 2023 Ordinary meeting (291/2023FC), Council will now hold the Public Forum on the Monday before the Council meeting at 5.30pm.

To apply to make a presentation at a public forum, please submit your request to the General Manager for review and determination on our Application to present to Council (Public Forum) Online Form below by 4pm the business day before the public forum (this will generally be the Friday before the Monday afternoon public forum). 

If approved applicants will be notified of their speaking time by email.

If a public forum is to be held the list of speakers will be added to Council's website.
The public forum will be recorded and uploaded to Council's website. Recordings of Public Forums held after the November 2023 Council meeting will be available to view from Council's website.
A Code of Meeting Practice exists to ensure an effective forum is provided for Council committees to formulate and review objectives and policies in respect to the needs/demands of the community, and the efficient operation of the organisation.

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