Council Meetings


Ordinary meetings of Council are held on the third Tuesday of the Month commencing at 9.30 am and the meeting location is either the Corowa or Urana Chamber.

The Ordinary meeting of Council is responsible for dealing with matters relating to finance, works, development, planning, health, building and community services. This meeting also makes a decision on Committee recommendations and is the forum for making the final decision of Council.  

Residents and ratepayers are cordially invited to attend Council meetings. To present to Council, please advise the General Manager in writing by 5:00 pm on Tuesday preceding the Ordinary meeting.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions regarding gatherings and the need to comply with social distancing measures, Council meeting will be held by video conference until further notice. Find out further information 

Filming during Council Meetings

In accordance with Council's Code of Meeting Practice please refer to Clause 15 Item 15.21 - A person must not use a tape recorder, video camera, mobile phone or any other device to make a recording of the proceedings of a meeting of the council or a committee of the council without the prior authorisation of the council or the committee.

To seek approval for filming during Council meetings please contact Council's Executive Assistant.

Contact: Rachelle Henson, Executive Assistant

Phone: (02) 6033 8955


Council Meetings Now Broadcast LIVE on YouTube

Federation Council is pleased to offer LIVE streaming of our monthly Council Meetings on YouTube. This gives residents the opportunity to observe Council business via their computers and mobile devices.

This is a significant step forward in terms of raising the profile and interest in Council Meetings through making meetings more accessible to the community as a whole. 

Please click on the link below to watch the Ordinary Council Meeting live on YouTube. 

Federation Council Live Stream

The first live broadcast of a Federation Council Meeting took place on Thursday 29 June 2017.

2020 Meeting Dates

The following schedule outlines the 2020 ordinary meetings of Council commencing at 9:30am.

 Date Location
 Tuesday 28 January Corowa Chamber
 Tuesday 18 February  Corowa Chamber
 Tuesday 17 March Corowa Chamber
 Tuesday 21 April Video Conference
 Tuesday 19 May Video Conference
 Tuesday 23 June Video Conference
 Tuesday 28 July Video Conference
 Tuesday 18 August Video Conference
 Tuesday 15 September Video Conference
 Tuesday 20 October Video Conference
 Tuesday 17 November Video Conference
 Tuesday 15 December Video Conference