Water Billing

The Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability has issued best practice pricing guidelines to encourage the effective and efficient delivery of water supply and sewerage services, and to promote sustainable water conservation practices and water demand management throughout NSW.

How You Are Charged

As part of the Council's water billing program, a two part tariff consisting of an availability fee (service fee) and a consumption charge applies to all properties.

The consumption charge is based on the amount of water you use and is designed to recoup the cost to the Council for the filtration of the water and for the water itself.

The 'Availability Fee' covers your access to the Council's infrastructure. It is designed to recoup the cost to the Council for the provision of infrastructure that treats the water and then delivers it to the property (the water meter, the pipes that go past the property, and the water treatment works).

This applies to sewerage, it is charged either as Non-Residential or Residential.  Non-Residential assessments are charged an availability fee (service fee) depending on the size of the water meter and a treatment charge based on water kilolitres consumed x Sewerage Discharge Factor x treatment rate.  Sewerage Discharge Factors have been determined by the type of business at the property.  If you are not happy with your Sewerage Discharge Factor then you are to contact Council’s Finance Department on 0260 338970 to have this reviewed.

Residential sewerage assessments are charged an 'Availability Fee' which has been determined by the cost of providing infrastructure, upkeep and treatment to residences within Federation Council. This is currently on your water and sewer account per occupancy. This means if you have 6 units on the one account then this would be 6 charges of the trimester charge.

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