Federation Arts and Culture Strategy 2021-2025

The Federation Arts and Cultural Strategy 2021-2025 has been developed as an expression of Council’s commitment to arts and culture and will assist in any future decision-making involving arts and culture. It will also support the role of the Federation Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee.

Arts and culture plays such an important role in the health and wellbeing of our communities, the growth of tourism and economic development. The strategy will aim to build on the strengths of its current arts and cultural and increase the profile of and support for creative industries within the Federation community.

The strategy has five themes and associated actions that will provide direction for arts and culture in our community. The themes acknowledge and support the partnerships between arts and cultural groups, community and Council to provide clear goals that strengthen and celebrate our region:

  1. Engaged and Informed.
  2. Places and Spaces.
  3. People and the Past.
  4. Connections and collaborations.
  5. Arts and Culture across the Council.

For more information, download the Federation Arts and Cultural Strategy 2021-2025 from this page or contact Council's Community Development Officer on (02) 6033 8999.