Asbestos management

Federation Council wishes to provide an update to our Waste Management Centre customers on managing asbestos contaminated waste arriving at the facility. 

Authorities have advised that changes have occurred with regard to the declaration of asbestos waste material.  The only site that Federation Council has that is licenced to accept asbestos is the Corowa Waste Management, so we request customers do not try and take asbestos to any other sites.

To ensure the safety of the Waste Management users and the environment, it is essential to declare asbestos waste either on entry or prior to arrival.

If loads that are identified as containing or are reasonably suspected to contain any asbestos containing material that has not been declared either on arrival or prior to arrival, our staff have been advised to reject the entire load and treat as asbestos waste.

Where non-declared asbestos waste occurs, gate staff are directed to forward the details to NSW EPA and SafeWork for further management of the issue.

This is a high priority so we’re seeking your cooperation to ensure users of the facility are not placed at risk.

We would also take the opportunity to remind customers that our license stipulates that all asbestos must be double wrapped, clearly labelled and buried immediately. As Council only has one staff member on site at any one time this means significant delays may occur when customers dispose of asbestos due to the immediate burial requirement and hence bookings are required with at least 24 hour’s notice. To make a booking please call 0491 152 062.

You can find more information regarding asbestos disposal from the EPA website