NSW Seniors Festival


NSW Seniors Festival is an annual celebration where government, community and commercial organisations hold hundreds of events across the state, encompassing art, sport, music, entertainment, technology, recreation, health, good nutrition and much more!

To celebrate the 2021 NSW Seniors Festival, Federation Council’s Festival of Fun for Seniors ran from Monday, April 12 – Thursday April 22, 2021. Nearly 500 Federation Council senior residents attended one or two of the four events that offered a selection of health and physical, arts and culture, and social activities. 

Ageing-Well-Lunch-21-Guests.jpg Federation-Fashion-Fiesta-Jenny-E-Yvonne-Ida-Liz-Wendy-_-Stella.jpg Staying-alive-with-CPR-Catherine-Stanley-Liz-Seeliger-_-Margie-Bleckwehl.jpg