Keeping Animals

Walking the puppy
The NSW Government recently introduced legislation called the Companion Animals Act 1998. It introduced lifetime registration and microchip identification requirements for cats & dogs.
Companion animals play an integral role in society but can cause problems and conflict when not properly cared for or, when irresponsible pet ownership occurs.  The Companion Animals Act 1998 No. 87 defines dogs and cats or any other animal that is prescribed by the regulations as a companion animal.  Many problems identified in companion animals management can be overcome by encouraging responsible ownership and providing educational programs.  
Responsible companion animal ownership includes but is not limited to micro-chipping and registration, identification tags, socialisation of the pet, training, exercise, basic health and welfare, de-sexing where appropriate, secure confinement, environmental and social enrichment, consideration of neighbours and other members of the community, commitment to the lifetime of the animal, and importantly careful pet selection. 
The Fact Sheets available for download at the bottom of this page assist with answering frequently asked questions about dangerous and menacing dogs, restricted dogs and nuisance animals.