About Federation Council

Federation Council was established on 12 May 2016. Our highest priority as a new council is to ensure we continue to deliver the many local services valued by our communities, whilst considering ways to provide improvements.

Council provides a range of services to local residents, business and industry, developers and investors as well as people visiting the region. We cater for a diverse range of community needs and encourage environmentally acceptable development in the region.

Councils corporate values were adopted in 2017 and in various ways, Council is continuing to ensure they remain visible and at the front of mind in all aspects of Council business and operations. 


Embracing change
We will create our future by being innovative and encouraging new ideas, opportunities and better ways of doing things.
Quality outcomes 
We will strive for excellence and to deliver value for money for the community. 
We will plan well and report on our progress. We will ensure fair and transparent decision-making and take responsibility for our actions. 
We support each other as a team and will engage closely with the community. 
Customer focus
We will be responsive and accessible to the community. We will be open, respectful and truthful in our dealings.