About Federation Council

Federation Council was established on 12 May 2016. Our highest priority as a new council is to ensure we continue to deliver the many local services valued by our communities, whilst considering ways to provide improvements.

Council provides a range of services to local residents, business and industry, developers and investors as well as people visiting the region. We cater for a diverse range of community needs and encourage environmentally acceptable development in the region.

Council's key objectives are:

  • Administration - To employ effective management and income generating systems for the benefit of the community.
  • Community Development - To provide a safe and healthy living working and recreational environment.
  • Environment - To protect and preserve the sensitive environment of the Federation Council area.
  • Roads and Transport - To develop and maintain a safe and efficient road and transport network throughout the Federation Council area.
  • Tourism - To promote the development of tourism and tourist facilities, whilst preserving the Tourism features of the Federation Council area.
  • Economic Development - To promote economic development in a way that balances development with environmental issues.