Building & Planning Forms

Some planning certificate applications are now available online and via the NSW Planning Portal.

These certificates provide you with information we have available about planning controls and other issues that may affect a particular parcel of land as identified under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Local Government Act 1993.

The Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021 prescribes that applications for Construction Certificates (CCs), Occupation Certificates (OCs) and Subdivision Works Certificates (SWCs) may only be made by a person who is eligible to appoint a principal certifier for the development. 
Council cannot accept applications for these Certificates unless the applicant is a person who is eligible to appoint a principal certifier for the development. Therefore, any application for these Certificates must be made by the owner/s of the land upon which the development will be carried out. 
When uploading an application for a Certificate to the NSW Planning Portal, the owner/s of the land must be shown on the prescribed form as the applicant/s for the Certificate. The owner can decide if they wish to have the application managed by a third party and provide their contact details as "care of" that third party (i.e. consultant, building firm, contractor, or the like).


The following forms relate to the building and planning process, so please download as required.

Land owner's consent for applications 
From 1 January 2023, written land owner's consent will be required for all development applications where the applicant is not the owner. Federation Council has prepared a standard Land Owner's Consent form which can be used for any applications lodged within the Federation Council area. Download the form below.

Advisory Notice - Types of post consent certificates(PDF, 235KB)

Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority(PDF, 233KB)

Application for Building Information Certificate(PDF, 250KB)

Advice to Council for works in Caravan Parks - Installation of Relocatable Home or Associated Structure(PDF, 625KB) 

Estimate Development Cost - General(PDF, 290KB)

Estimate Development Cost - Subdivision(PDF, 283KB)

Land Owners Consent Form(PDF, 222KB)

Private Works Application(PDF, 527KB)

Statement of Environmental Effects(PDF, 422KB)

Request for Development Records(PDF, 761KB)

Application for Permit for Temporary Road Footpath Occupation(PDF, 317KB)

Request to Vary the Development Control Plan(PDF, 236KB)

Works within a Road Reserve Permit (PDF, 295KB)