Register Your Pet


Registration keeps pets safe

The NSW Government introduced annual permits for owners of non-desexed cats, restricted dog breeds, and dogs declared to be dangerous from 1 July 2022. 

This means that owners of cats not desexed by four months of age will be required to pay an $92 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee. 

Owners of dogs of a restricted breed or declared to be dangerous will be required to pay a $221 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee. This applies to dogs that are already registered.

Annual permits will create a stronger incentive to desex cats, which in turn will improve their health and wellbeing, and reduce behaviours such as roaming and aggression.

If your pet goes astray, the pound or vet can use your pet's microchip and registration details to contact you and quickly reunite you with your pet.

Animals can be registered through Federation Council or online with NSW Pet Registry.

Registering Your Animal at a Council Office

Animal Registration and Annual Permits can be completed at any Federation Council Office during opening hours. Download the form from this page.

You will need to provide Council your completed pink lifetime identification form to register your pet. Discounted registration fees are available for desexed animals, pensioners with a desexed animal, registered breeders and animals coming from a pound or shelter. A copy of the Desexing Certificate, Pension Card, NSW Breeders Certificate and/or a copy of purchase from pound or shelter must be provided to council to obtain these discounts.

Registering Your Animal online through NSW pet registry

Pet owners and breeders can create an online profile with the NSW pet registry. You can update your details, notify if your dog or cat is missing, register ownership changes and pay registration fees online.

Registration fees

Type Category  Fee 
Dog Desexed $75.00
Dog Desexed (eligible pensioner) $32.00
Dog Desexed (sold by pound/shelter) $0
Dog Not desexed or desexed (after relevant age) $252.00
Dog Not desexed (recognised breeder & not recommended by vet) $75.00
Dog Not desexed (not recommended by vet & eligible pensioner)  $32.00


There is no registration fee for the following;

  • Assistance Animal. 
  • Working Dog.
  • Dog in the service of the State, for example, a police dog.
  • Greyhound currently registered under the Greyhound Racing Act 2009.
  • Cat born prior to 1 July 1999 where ownership has not changed (when the Companion Animals Act 1998 came into effect).

Annual Permit fees applicable from 1 July 2022

Type Category Fee
Cat Desexed or not Desexed $65.00
Cat Desexed (eligible pensioner) $32.00
Cat Desexed (sold by pound/shelter) $0
Cat Not desexed Annual Permit $85.00
Cat Not desexed (recognised breeder & not recommended by vet) $65.00
Cat  Not desexed (not recommended by vet & eligible pensioner) $32.00

Change of Address

If you move within NSW or change phone numbers you will need to complete a Change of Address Form (download from this page). This can be emailed to Council to update your animals records to or sent in the post to Federation Council PO Box 77 Corowa NSW 2646.

Change of Owner

If you re-home a pet, it is the responsibility of the original owner to complete the Change of Owner/Details Form (download from this page). Both old and new owners must sign the consent on this form. A copy of the form must be sent/given to the Council where the animals originally resided even if the animals are leaving the area or state.

Animal Death

In the event of the death of your pet, please notify Federation Council to ensure the appropriate records can be updated. Notification can be provided via email, phone (02 6033 8999) or letter sent in the post to Federation Council PO Box 77 Corowa NSW 2646.

More Information

The Office of Local Government website has more information regarding responsible pet ownership and the Companion Animals Act 1998.

The NSW Pet Registry site has lots of information including a Pet Owner & Breeder Guide. 

Download the Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Annual Permits.