Organisational Structure

Federation Council comprises of four departments, led by our executive management team.  


 Mr Adrian Butler

 General Manager

Adrian Butler is the General Manager of Federation Council and is responsible for advocacy, leadership, executive and councillor support, civic activities, communication, engagement and Council's business brand marketing.  


 Ms Jo Shannon

 Deputy General Manager/Chief Financial Officer

Jo Shannon is the Deputy General Manager/Chief Financial Officer at Federation Council and is responsible for corporate strategic planning, financial strategy and operations, mobile preschools, community services, community development, economic development, tourism, information services, customer services, people and culture and governance. Jo is a full member of CPA Australia and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 


 Ms Susan Appleyard

 Director Planning, Place and Sustainability

Susan Appleyard is the Director of Planning, Place and Sustainability at Federation Council and is responsible for strategic planning, building control, development assessment services, facilities management and maintenance, urban services and environmental services.  




Mr Theo Panagopoulos

 Director Engineering Services

Theo Panagopoulos is the Director of Engineering Services at Federation Council and is responsible for asset management, project management, road safety, utilities engineering, operational treatment of water and sewer, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and drainage, waste services, cemeteries and parks and recreation.