North of the Murray Operator Toolkit


Federation Council is committed to supporting our tourism industry to grow the visitor economy in the North of the Murray region.

The objectives of the Tourism unit are to;

  1. Increase visitation to the North of the Murray region, with a particular focus on overnight stays.
  2. Strengthen the regions identity and identify key markets.
  3. Support a collaborative, regional approach to tourism growth and development.
  4. Provide a high standard of effective and innovative visitor services across the Council area.
  5. Identify sustainable product development opportunities with consideration to protecting natural landscapes.
  6. Support tourism stakeholders through advocacy and leadership.
  7. Build pride and capacity within the community to create local ambassadors and strengthen the tourism offering.

The North of the Murray Operator Toolkit outlines how tourism businesses from within the region can work collaboratively with Federation Council to strengthen our offering in the tourism market.

Review or download the North of the Murray Operator Toolkit from this page.