Lost & Impounded Animals

What do I do if I find a lost pet?

If you have found a lost dog or cat, try to contact the owner if the dog is wearing a collar or identification tag.

Otherwise, contact our Rangers on 02 6033 8999 between 8.30am - 4.00pm who will collect and care for the pet until the owner can be found.

Please note that Rangers cannot attend after hours callouts for stray or lost pets. In these situations, you can either care for the pet until the next business day when a Ranger can then collect them or contact a local vet who may be able to assist you.

What happens if my lost pet has been rescued by a Council Ranger?

Our Rangers will make every effort to return lost pets to their owners.

If the dog or cat has a microchip or an identification tag, the Ranger will attempt to contact the owner to organise for the animal to be returned home safely.

If the owner cannot be contacted or the pet is not microchipped or does not have an identification tag, it will be cared for at the Federation Animal Management Facility.

Under the NSW legislation, all pets must be microchipped and registered prior to being released from the pound. A release fee and daily maintenance charges will apply and must be paid before the animal can be released.