Economic Profile


The Federation Council region is positioned on the banks majestic Murray River, Lake Mulwala and Lake Urana, and is located only 3 hours from Melbourne, 4 hours from Canberra and 6 hours from Sydney. With a great climate and vibrant atmosphere, the region is an ideal location for businesses, families and retirees to experience exceptional lifestyle and opportunity. All addresses in Federation Council are within easy travelling distance to the regional cities of Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Wagga Wagga, and Shepparton.

Federation Council is home to a wide array of small to medium sized enterprises ranging from tourism and hospitality to manufacturing and agriculture. Traditionally farming provided the main source of employment in the area, although this has evolved with the diversification of the economic base to include tourism and various other rural industries.

The major industries include a piggery feedlot and abattoir, agriculture machinery sales and services, food processors, munitions factory, many freight transport companies and tourism, retail and trade businesses. Federation Council's economy supports 1327 businesses and a labour force of 5921 local jobs, and Gross Regional Product annually is equivalent to $0.81 billion.