Submitting a tender response

Tenderers should take care in submitting a quality and timely response that assists Council is the accuracy in costing, managing and timeframes that are required for large cost, complex and high risk procurement. Suppliers are to take particular care in addressing the key elements of the Tender as specified or risk non compliance at the evaluation stage.
As per section 167 of the Local Government Regulations 2005, Council's Public Tenders will be open to the public for at least 21 days after the date of publication or first publication of the advertisement. Publications of Council's Public Tenders are available in local newspapers such as The Border Mail, Yarrawonga Chronicle and Corowa Free Press and a major metropolitan paper as per Local Government Regulations.
Tenderers can provide additional documents including:
  • Company information.
  • Company work history (including photos).
  • Company references.
  • Evidence of social and economic benefits to the municipality such as sponsorships, volunteering, employment of locals etc.
  • Insurance details.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Plant and equipment information.
The following example tender documents are available for download from this page:
  • NSW Government Mini Minor Works (Construction Specific).
Important: Tenderers are also to read and understand additional documents such as the Tender Conditions and General Conditions of Contract governing the award of the Tender, Insurance and Contract Management requirements, governance and dispute mechanisms of the Tender that will apply to the contract.