Corporate Planning


Council undertakes a variety of corporate planning processes related to it's strategic functions. 

Our Integrated Planning and Reporting framework is undertaken in consultation with community to identify local community needs and strategic factors which are prioritised in conjunction with regional priorities.  Key objectives to meet these priorities are reflected in Councils strategic plans which then drive Council’s decision making and determine where resources should be focused. Find out more about these plans.

Council also produces a range of management plans.  These plans outline activities to be undertaken to achieve more specific functions and priorities.  Find out more about Council's Management Plans.

Progress reports are provided to Council to show the progress against the actions identified in the operational plan.

Council also produces an annual report which highlights it’s achievements in implementing its’ delivery program and the effectiveness of the activities undertaken in achieving its’ identified objectives.  The Annual Report also contains financial reports and financial statements. Find out more about Councils Annual Report.

Council also produces a range of policies to formally set out what they intend to do and the means by which they will implement the stated objectives.  These are developed in accordance with relevant legislation and provide guidance to staff and the community on a specific area or topic. Find out more about Council's policies.