News & Media Enquiries

All journalists should direct their inquiries through Council's Communications Department.

Council provides prompt responses to all media inquiries.

Filming during Council Meetings 

In accordance with Council's Code of Meeting Practice please refer to Clause 15 Item 15.21 - A person must not use a tape recorder, video camera, mobile phone or any other device to make a recording of the proceedings of a meeting of the council or a committee of the council without the prior authorisation of the council or the committee.

For more information or to seek approval for filming during Council meetings please contact Council's Executive Assistant.

Interviews with Councillors & Staff

To arrange interviews with Council officials and staff please contact Council's Executive Assistant. 

Contact: Rachelle Henson, Executive Assistant

Phone: (02) 6033 8955


Filming, Photography & Branding

Media, in the first instance, must obtain permission from Council's Communications Department to use Council's branding and enter Council facilities and obtain photographs or footage of Council facilities, sites and staff.

Contact: Rachel Minogue, Digital Communications Officer

Phone: (02) 6033 8969

Mobile: 0418 572 849


As a general rule, media must also check-in with the facility or event manager and be accompanied on-site during their visit.