Land Valuation Notices

Land valuation notices

If you own property in the Federation Council local government area, you will have received a notice from the NSW Valuer General recently updating your land value.

While council is not involved in the valuation process, we do use new valuations for rating purposes, with effect July 1 2023.

It's important to understand that the % increase or decrease in your land value does not automatically translate into an equivalent increase or decrease in your rates.

Changes to land valuations will result in a redistribution of the rates levied across categorised properties. Individual rates will change based on the change in your property’s land value compared to the overall change in land values within the Council area to comply with the approved overall rate peg increase.

For more information on the impact on your rates notice download the FAQ flyer from this page.

To learn more about property valuation or to discuss your notice, please contact NSW Valuer General.
P: 1800 110 038