Australian Citizenship


Becoming a citizen of Australia is the final step in your migration story. It is a privilege that offers huge rewards.

Initial enquiries regarding Australian citizenship, applications and approval should be directed to Australian Citizenship. The Department of Home Affairs is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted directly on P: 131 880.

Once a citizenship application has been approved, the Department of Home Affairs will provide a list of candidates to Council for the upcoming ceremony. Once a date for the ceremony has been confirmed the Department of Home Affairs – NSW Ceremonies will then invite candidates to the ceremony and advise the citizenship ceremony details.

Attending a Citizenship Ceremony

Federation Council conducts Citizenship Ceremonies throughout the year to coincide with important national celebrations, namely:

  • Australia Day (26 January); and
  • Australian Citizenship Day (17 September).

If required, additional ceremonies may be scheduled during the year.

Day of the Ceremony

Dress Code - What to wear

People attending Citizenship Ceremonies should wear smart casual clothing or if you wish to wear your traditional dress, you are more than welcome to do so. 

What to bring

You will need to bring the following documentation with you to the Citizenship Ceremony and present it on arrival: 

  1. One of the following forms of identification:
    • Driver’s Licence; or
    • Passport; or
    • Official document which includes a photograph; or
    • If you do not have any photographic identification, at least three (3) documents bearing your name, address and signature (eg. bank statements, credit cards or utility bills). 

    Please note: Children under 16 years of age do not need to provide identification.

  2. If you want to make the pledge on a Sacred Book, please make sure you bring the book to the Citizenship Ceremony.


What happens at the Citizenship Ceremony?

Please ensure that you arrive at the venue at the time stated on the invitation letter and make contact with a Council Officer.

Your identification documents will be reviewed and identity confirmed.

It will be necessary for you to make a Pledge of Commitment and this will take the form of either Pledge 1 which can be on the Bible or Sacred Book of your religion, or Pledge 2. A pledge card with the words of the Australian Citizenship Pledge will be provided to you on the day.

Please note that Citizenship Ceremonies may attract media attention and representatives from the local media may attend ceremonies to film or photograph the ceremony. Please complete the attached form if you give permission for your image to be used by Council for promotional purposes.

The Citizenship Ceremony will usually run for approximately 30 minutes. Please allow extra time for photographs and morning tea at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Elements of a Citizenship Ceremony

Ceremonies are simple and dignified occasions. They can vary quite a bit but the main elements are:

  • Official welcome.
  • Speeches, including a welcome message from the Minister.
  • An address to participants.
  • The pledge.
  • National Anthem. 


Citizenship Certificate

After you become an Australian Citizenship, you will be provided a Citizenship Certificate. This is an important legal document, which you should look after. You will need it when you apply for an Australian passport.

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