General Rates Estimator 2023/2024

Your rates help Council maintain our beautiful region and provide income to run essential community services and infrastructure. They can be paid annually or quarterly.

You can estimate your rates using the below General Rates Estimator 2023/2024. 

Important information about your recent Notice of Valuation

The Valuer General issues new land values to councils to use in setting rates at least every three years. Council recently received the land valuations to be used for levying rates for the 2023/2024 rating year. The land valuation aims to reflect the market value of the land only, as if sold on 1 July 2022 (the base date).

It is important to note that the increase in land values will not change Council’s total rates income but will result in changes in the rates levied on individual properties depending on your respective increase or decrease in land value. Council’s total rates income can only be increased by the rate peg set by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal - IPART), or via a Special Rate Variation Application. As our community is aware, Council has submitted a Special Rate Variation application to IPART to increase the total rates that Council may collect from ratepayers. The application requests a 75% increase over four years from 2023/24.

This is to enable appropriate investment in maintaining and renewing assets that Council is responsible for (such as roads, bridges, footpaths, community halls and other buildings, etc) and to make improvements to storm water drainage. These areas have been prioritised as having the greatest need based on feedback from our community and internal assessment of infrastructure needs. A decision is expected from IPART in late May 2023.

Find out further information about our SRV Application

Information you need

To calculate an estimate of your rates for the coming 2023/2024 rating year you will need:

  1. Your land category - residential, business or farmland. 

  2. Your new land value - this was mailed to you by the NSW Valuer General from March 2023.

Your rates notice will also show other charges, for example, your waste charges and sewer charges. These are additional charges on top of your rates estimator. 

Access your land value

You can access your land values online on the NSW Valuer General's website.

What is being calculated

There are two amounts calculated:

  • The first amount is your General Rates Estimate with the proposed rate peg increase of 4.3%. 

  • The second calculation is your General Rates Estimate with the proposed Special Rate Variation increase of 19%.

How to use the calculator

To use the Calculator:

  1. Select your land category - residential, business or farmland. 

  2. Insert the new land value from the Valuer General Notice of Valuation (2023/2024).

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