Corowa Aerodrome Upgrades planned

Published on 19 January 2022



Due to the major rain event that occured in Corowa on Sunday 30 January, 2022 and the impact from this event, the Corowa Aerodrome is too wet to undertake the planned works noted below. Council resources have been redeployed to assist with the clean up works throughout the community. Given this, the upgrade works have been postponed indefinately. Council will advise stakeholders when the works are scheduled to occur in the future.

Drainage Works - Stage 1

Stage 1 of these works will be to replace three drainage lines which have reached the end of their useful life. These pipes are located along runway 05/23 at chainage locations: 260m, 960m, 1522m.

The stormwater network at the aerodrome was constructed during WW2 using corrugated iron pipes, these pipes are well beyond their useful life with many collapsing causing sinkholes. One of these sinkholes is located in the middle of the glider runway. As a proactive measure, two more drainage lines will be replaced under runway 05/23 to ensure user safety so they don't collapse in the future.


Runway Reseal - Stage 2

Stage 2 of the works involve the reseal of the full length and width of runway 05/23 and then replacing the line marking.

The runway resealing is a proactive preventative measure to keep the bitumen in good condition which will reduce the occurrence of potholes and other defects forming in the future. 

These works will be undertaken after the Stage 1 drainage works have been completed. 

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