Local Artist to work with Lowesdale School

Published on 02 August 2018



Local Artist Andrew Whitehead visited Lowesdale Public School last Thursday to tell the students about the sculpture that Federation Council has commissioned him to install at the junction to Tom Roberts Road - just up the road from their school. 

The sculpture will be a life size replica of a shearer using blade shears to shear a curly horned ram, based on the famous Tom Roberts Shearing of the Rams painting.

Andrew showed the students how he puts together his sculptures and the work he has done so far to create the Shearing of the Rams Sculpture.

Pupils are excited to be involved, and are now hunting for old cast iron cogs that will become the fleece for the ram in the sculpture. The initials of the pupils from Lowesdale School will be carved into the cogs and these will become a feature of the sculpture. 

Andrew is a scrap metal sculptor specialising in recycled large figurative artworks. He has created ten public artworks and many private commissions including the Boree Creek Swagman, Big Spider in Urana and the Morundah Horse Sculpture.

The Shearing of the Rams Sculpture is expected to be completed by the end of November with installation and unveiling in mid-December.  You can view his progress by visiting his Facebook page Andrew Whitehead Sculpture. 


 * Pictured above is artist Andrew Whitehead and students from Lowesdale Public School.