Community Grants Evaluation and Acquittal Report

Successful applicants will be required to submit a completed Acquittal and Evaluation Form of their activity using the online form below.

1) The Acquittal and Evaluation Form needs to be completed within six (6) weeks of the event(s) and or project(s) conclusion.

2) It must include a reconcilled statement of expenditure and income associated with the grant.

3) It will ask the applicants to provide details on the outcomes of the project that were achieved as a result of the funding.

4) As part of the form be required to attach:

• Evidence of how Council’s support for the project was recognised.

• An actual income and expenditure budget for the project, and

• Photo evidence that highlights the completed project and community participation.

5) Applicants who have an outstanding Acquittal Form will not be able to apply for further funding.

The completion of this form may require some research to be undertaken, so it is important that grant applicants familiarise themselves with the requirements of the report prior to the event/project(s).

Click here to view form.