Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group


What does the RAP Working Group do?

The key deliverable of the RAP Working Group is to support the development, endorsement and implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the Federation Council.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 19 October 2021, Council endorsed the establishment of a RAP Working Group to progress the establishment of a Reconciliation Action Plan for Council (377/21FC).

The RAP Working Group will work closely with Reconciliation Australia during the RAP development process to ensure the plan includes all the minimum elements for endorsement.

When does the RAP Working Group meet?

The RAP Working Group meets at the Corowa Civic Centre monthly.

The meetings are closed to members of the group.

Who are members of this committee? 

The Working Group shall consist of a Councillor delegate, senior executive staff member and RAP Champion, Federation Council employees, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members.

Federation RAP Working Group Members

The members of the inaugural 2022 Federation RAP Working Group are as follows:

Community Advisors

  • Dozer Atkinson (Bangerang Leader)
  • Iris Troutman (Many Mobs Corporation)
  • Judy Kirk (Corowa and District Landcare)
  • Katrina Rhodes (Amaranth Foundation)


Council Officials

  • Adrian Butler (General Manager)
  • Darren Harvey (Manager Recreation)
  • Jess Parascos (Team Leader Mobile Preschool)
  • Amber Harvey (Team Leader Community Development)
  • Rachel Minogue (Digital Communications Officer)
  • Mel Sporry (Community Development Officer)
  • Yasmin Cole (Library Assistant)


Councillor Delegates

  • Councillor, Aaron Nicholas
  • Councillor, Sally Hughes