Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group


What does the RAP Working Group do?

The RAP Working Group is an internal working group of Federation Council and its primarily role is to lead with the drafting and implementation of the Council’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 

The RAP Working Group have worked closely with Reconciliation Australia during the RAP development process to ensure the plan includes all the minimum elements for endorsement.

When does the RAP Working Group meet?

The RAP Working Group meets at the Corowa Civic Centre monthly. The meetings are closed to members of the group.

The group attend monthly meetings to develop the draft RAP and will attend quarterly meetings to update on the progress of Federation Council’s Innovate RAP.

Who are members of this committee? 

The Working Group shall consist of a Councillor delegate/s, senior executive staff member and RAP Champion, Federation Council employees, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and community advisors. 

2024 Innovate RAP Working Group members are:  

Community Advisors
  • Uncle Darren (Dozer) Atkinson, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Education (A.C.H.E)
  • Aunty Iris (Cheeky) Troutman, Many Mobs Corporation Founder
  • Dr. Meredith Mitchell, Senior Project Officer, Corowa District Landcare Inc. 


Councillor Representatives

  • Councillor, Aaron Nicholls 
  • Councillor, Sally Hughes.

RAP Ambassador

  • Adrian Butler, Federation Council General Manager


Internal Working Group Members

  • Amber Harvey, Team Leader Community Development
  • Darren Harvey, Manager Recreation
  • Nerida Lincoln, Risk and Safety Officer
  • Jess Parascos, Team Leader Mobile Preschool 
  • Rachel Minogue, Digital Communications Officer. 

Members during the development of the RAP were Judy Kirk, Senior Project Officer, Corowa District Landcare, Katrina Rhodes, Community Member, and Yasmin Cole, Federation Council Library Assistant.

Regular yarn ups with Uncle Darren (Dozer) Atkinson, Aunty Iris (Cheeky) Troutman, Judy Kirk, Senior Project Officer Corowa District Landcare and Federation Council staff were held for 18 months with Council before formatting a formal RAP Working Group.