Before you take it…Know Check Ask Campaign

Know Check Ask

The Federation Ageing Well Committee are encouraging senior residents to Know, Check, and Ask about their medications before they take them. 

Do you know your medicines? 

Do you keep a list? 

Can you describe and discuss your medicines with healthcare professionals and family when you want to?

If you take medicines, you play a role in your healthcare when it comes to medicine safety. You know best what medicines you take and how you take them.

Older residents of the Federation Council can pick up their free ‘My Medicines List’ from participating pharmacies and medical centres in the Federation Council area or at any Council office.


  • Meigel’s Pharmacy Corowa
  • Redgum Medical Centre
  • Terry White Chemmart Corowa


  • Mulwala Pharmacy


  • Howlong Community Pharmacy
  • Redgum Medical Group


  • Terry White Chemmart Urana