Drive and Arrive Safely

Published on 14 October 2019


Vehicle speeds on Federation Council roads will be the focus of a forthcoming major road safety initiative – ‘Drive and Arrive Safely’ which will be rolled across Howlong, Daysdale and Savernake over the next two months.

The initiative is aimed at slowing down vehicles by increasing driver awareness of the dangers and consequences of speeding by providing real time advice of the speed vehicles are travelling.

A variable message sign board will be in place on the Riverina Highway near Lilydale Road Howlong for a 2 week period towards the end of October, followed by Federation Way near Daysdale facing northbound between Coles Rd and Hanrahans Rd early November and Riverina Highway near Savernake, facing westbound between Redlands Rd and Bull Plain Rd.

The board will advise motorists of the speeds they are travelling as a reminder to travel within advised speed limits.

The “Drive and Arrive Safely” initiative is a Local Government Road Safety Program being undertaken by Federation Council in partnership with Local Highway Patrol Police. The project has been developed in response to crash statistics that identify speed contributing to 21.7% of casualty crashes (where someone is killed or injured) in Federation Council in the five years to December 2018. 



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