Register your Pool

All pool and spa owners are required to register their swimming pool and/or spa on the State Swimming Pool Register. Use the link below to register your pool and find more information on pool safety checklists.

Important registration information

  • All pools and spas that hold 30cm or more water (this includes portable and inflatable pools) must be registered.
  • Registration is free.
  • Fines of $220 apply for unregistered pools.

Details to know before you register your pool or spa

  • Address
  • Property type: private residence, multi-occupancy (eg. units), tourism and visitor accommodation.
  • Is the property on the waterfront?
  • Is it on land greater than two hectares or less than 230 square metres?
  • When it was built: three choices of date range apply. Requirements vary depending on the construction year.
  • If the pool barrier has been substantially modified or rebuilt and when that work was done (three choices of date range apply).

Owner responsibilities

Pool and spa owners by law are required to:

  • register their pool or spa on the State Swimming Pool Register, and
  • have a valid compliance certificate or final occupation certificate or non-compliance certificate before selling or leasing a property with a pool or spa, from April 2016.

Council responsibilities

As a regulatory body Council must:

  • develop and implement a pool barrier inspection program in consultation with our community,
  • report annually on our pool inspection program and compliance issues,
  • inspect tourism, visitor accommodation and multi-occupancy developments every three years,
  • inspect pools at the request of an owner or in response to a complaint,
  • issue a certificate of compliance for pools that pass inspection - certificates are valid for three years, and
  • if an occupation certificate has been issued on a pool, it is exempt from our inspection program for three years from the date of issue.

We carry out our inspection obligations under our powers of entry in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993. Inspection fees are set by the State Government and Council and are in accordance with the statutory fees. For information on inspection fees refer to our Fees and Charges document via the link below.