Safety & Fencing for all pools & spas

Every swimming pool owner in NSW is required to register their pool on the NSW Government online register.  Pool owners that fail to register their pool may face fines of up to $220.

Owners who are renting or selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool must provide a Certificate of Compliance upon the contract of sale or as part of the tenancy agreement.  To find an accredited pool certifier, visit the Building Professionals Board.

Property owners with swimming pools must at all times:

  • Ensure that pools are surrounded with a child-resistant safety barrier that separates the swimming pool from any residential building;
  • Keep closed the doors and gates that provide access to the pool;
  • Ensure that fences surrounding the pool are designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with relevant Australian Standards; and
  • A CPR signage is displayed near the pool.

Visit the NSW Government’s Pool Safety Checklist page for more information.

Note that portable and inflatable pools that are capable of being filled to a depth of 30cm (300mm) or more must also be surrounded by a swimming pool safety barrier and meet the requirements listed above.  Safety information about inflatable or portable pools is on the NSW Government’s inflatable swimming pools page.

You can also visit the NSW Royal Life Saving website for useful information and resources.