Access at a Glance Program

How accessible is your business?

Businesses within the Federation Council are invited to be part of the initiative Access at a Glance – Sticker Program that aims recognise local business for their accessibility and to help people find venues and businesses that meet their accessibility needs.

Federation Council has partnered with Intereach to deliver this program that provides businesses with an assessment on how accessible and inclusive they are and rewards businesses with complimentary on-site accessibility stickers. 

There is 15 internationally recognised stickers available for people to display on their shop fronts depicting what access is available. 

The stickers will show locals and tourists visiting the area businesses that are wheel chair friendly through to locations where there are darker calm, quiet locations that could help people who have a sensory disability. 

The program also provides educational information and resources for businesses to help people with disability participate and contribute to their local businesses and communities.

If you are interested in being part of the program contact Intereach on 1300 488 226 or the Community Development Team at Federation Council on (02) 6033 8999.


Amber Harvey and Amber Murphy (collectively known as “The Two Ambers”) work together to visit businesses in the Council to discuss the program and support them to register their business with Access at a Glance.