Federation Primary Prevention Team Committee


Who is the Federation Primary Prevention Team – Alcohol & Drugs (FPPT)?

The FPPT is a coalition of community members, representatives from government agencies, non- government service providers and others who respond to alcohol and other drug issues in our community by developing and implementing primary prevention and harm minimisation activities.

How is the FPPT supported and funded?

The FPPT is auspiced by Federation Council.

Federation Council also provides funding for initiatives and interventions, together with the Alcohol & Drug Foundation’s Local Drug Action Team program, NSW Health’s Community Drug Action program and other government and community sources when available. 

A significant amount of in-kind is provided by all organisations and members involved, including planning, administration, project management and implementation.

Other partnerships are also entered into where there is opportunity to deliver joint programs.

What is Primary Prevention?

“The goal of primary prevention is to address the causes of alcohol and other drug use to protect people from developing a dependency in the first place.”

Causes are wide ranging, and can include (but are not limited to) poor mental health, peer pressures, unemployment, financial stress and trauma.

What does the FPPT aim to do?

The FPPT aims to take a strategic approach towards implementing evidenced based primary prevention interventions ie. those interventions that are supported by evidence that they will be effective based on data and the profile of the local community.

The FPPT aims to:

Develop and maintain up to date data and information (National, State, Local) on alcohol & drug related causes, trends and best practice that informs the work of the FPPT and is shared with other agencies and community who provide services within the Federation Council area.

Plan, develop and implement sustainable interventions that target the causes of alcohol & drug dependency for people living in the Federation Council area, assist in minimising harm and increase protective factors.

Build strong partnerships with local service providers and government and non-government organisations across a range of sectors that support primary prevention, by encouraging stakeholder and community engagement and participation.

Create awareness and knowledge within the community on how to limit or minimise exposure to risky behaviour around alcohol and other drugs, particularly the importance of healthy lifestyles as a preventative factor, including, recreational pursuits, positive relationships with parents, family members and other role models, being engaged in a school or community environment, and spiritual beliefs.

With this in mind, we work to build safe, healthy and resilient communities with low prevalence of risk factors and high prevalence of protective factors.

When does the FPPT meet?

The FPPT meets 3 - 4 times per year.

Working Groups are established which focus on initiatives of the FPPT. The Working groups established for 2024 include:

  • Strategic Directions and Partnerships
  • Schools Journal Pilot Project 
  • Intergenerational Program
  • Education and Awareness

Members and guests on the FPPT and its working groups, are located from across the Council area as well as the region. To ensure access, meetings are held generally via video conferencing, at mutually agreed times convenient to those involved.

Who are members of FPPT? 

Current members of the 2024 FPPT include:

  • Intereach.
  • One Door Mental Health.
  • Corowa Skate Park Committee.
  • NSW Police.
  • Oaklands Public School.
  • Corowa High School.
  • St Vinnies.
  • Department of Health - Murrumbidgee Local Health District.
  • Federation Community.
  • Federation Council.
  • Alcohol & Drug Foundation (key strategic partner).
  • Department of Health - represented by Odyssey House & Karralika Programs (key strategic partners).



Current Membership Vacancies 

Nominations for representatives for the FPPT are open for membership.

The committee currently has 6 vacant community representative positions.

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